Let's Study Japanese-Lesson 4 advance greetings

 BRAUN: Yokoi sensei, ohayoo gozaimasu. 
 YOKOI: Aa, Buraun-san, ohayoo. 
 BRAUN: Ii o-tenkii desu nee? 
 YOKOI: Ee, soo desu ne.

 BRAUN: Professor Yokoi, good morning.
 YOKOI: Ah, Mr Brawn, good morning.
 BRAUN: It's a good weather isn't it? 
 YOKOI: Yes it is.
  II - good      TENKII - weather    

-SAN is honorific and is attached to people's names but NEVER to your own 
name. -KUN is for male and boy's names only. NEE is used when you want the 
person to agree with you. O is used for extra polite. Normally, the Japanese
say the family name first, then the first name and they dont have middle