Let's Study Japanese-Lesson 1 the basics-greetings, meeting people, introductions, ets

here, we will study greetings, what to say when you meet people for the first time, how to inquire about their health, ets, ets.

watakshiwa  I
anata       you(not used very often) 
Ohaiyoo     good morning
Gozaimasu   good morning(extra polite-when speaking to your superior,
teachers(me ^_^), ets)
Yokoso!     welcome!
hajimemashite literally it is the first time we meet(hajime - in begining)

Konnichi wa          Good Afternoon
Konban wa            Good Evening
Ogenki desu ka?      How are you? lit Are you well?
Okagesama de         (I am fine, thank you.) And you? 
Hai                  Yes
Iie                  No

Oyasumi-nasai          Goodnight
Shituree(simasu)       Excuse me (on leaving) 
Shituree-(shimashita)  Excuse me(for what did)
Doo Itashimashite      Don't mention it.(you are welcome)

  BURAUN: Sumimasen. Chin-san desu ka?
  CHIN:   Hai, soo desu.
  BURAUN: Buraun desu. Hajimemashite. Dozo Yoroshiku.
  CHIN:   Chin desu. Dozo Yoroshiku.

  BURAUN: Excuse me. Are you Chin?
  CHIN:   Yes, that is right.
  BURAUN: I am Brown. Nice to meet you. Please regard me favorably.
  CHIN:   I am Chin. Please regard me favorably.

  KAWAMURA: Sumimasen. O-namae wa?
  CHIN:     Chin desu. Hajimemashite.
  KAWAMURA: Kawamura desu. Hajimemashite.

            O-namae wa? - lit as for your name, (what) is it?
  KAWAMURA: Excuse me. What is your name?
  CHIN:     I am Chin. Nice to meet you.
  KAWAMURA: I am Kawamura. Nice to meet you.

  BURAUN:  Hajimemashite, Tookyoo daigaku no Buraun des.
  TANAKA:  Hajimemashite, Sonii no Tanaka desu.
  BURAUN:  Kore, Watashi no meshii desu.
  TANAKA:  Dozo arigatoo gozaimasu.

  BURAUN:  Hajimemashite, Brown, from Tokyo University.
  TANAKA:  Hajimemashite, Tanaka from Sony.
  BURAUN:  Here is my name card.
  TANAKA:  Thank you very much.