what has been updated:

started some linux notes!
updated the multimedia tips&tricks FAQ
updated the What's an IP FAQ
Learn some Japanese!
learn what ports are
learn some DOS! and learn how to manipulate your Config & Autoexec files!
a list of sites to translate b'ween diff languages
is Freedom Zero-Knowledge system worth using?
PGP bug and check if you have been affected

didja know that I'm lookin' at your HD right now?

  1. Glossary of useful computer terms

  2. recommanded basic security, cleaning and modifying tips for Windows and

  3. Windoze tweakin' tips FAQ

  4. Clean and Set up Your Browsers'
    history and caches folders, stop Cookies, turn off the Java, Java Script and ActiveX
  5. and here are the same FAQs with easy to follow screen shots on setting proxies on your browers,
    turning cookies off and turning Java off

  6. Learn how Browsers betray you by sending out tons of info without your permition and what you can do about it

  7. Whats are those Index.dat files all over Windoze??

  8. Learn all about User.dat and System.dat files and how much info about your activity they both contain!

  9. read this WIRED news article on what GUID (Global Unique Identification Number) are and then
  10. learn where they can be found inside your Windoze!

  11. What's an IP number and how ti can point directly at you!

  12. This guy is so clever. He shows a way of IP logging by using the holes in CGI scripts

  13. learn what a proxy is and how to use it to "surf" anonymously

  14. Proxy checkers, sites where to find proxies, ets

  15. Examples on how to set a proxy for several major browsers

    software reviews FAQs -
    are only provided as personal opinions, and NOT an endorsed paid advertisment

  16. a long list of usefull software and where to find it HD cleaning, firewalls, ecription, movie viewers, ets

  17. How to stop ads, cookies, Java, JaVaScript by using AtGuard and how to set AtGuard as a firewall too

  18. A review of available encription ToolZ that have been tested

  19. review and set up instructions of software toolZ to clean your HD with(many are excelent freeware)

  20. Useful Programs to have - reviews of encription and cleaning tools
  21. learn all about FireWalls and the available firewalls software!
  22. learn how to stop ads on AdWare proggies like Godzilla, Cute FTP, ets,
  23. learn how to use DirSnoop to check the effectiviness of your cleaning soft!
  24. 98lite.netwill teach you step by step how to remove that useless IE Shell from Win98!

    more tips and tricks -

  25. Making a virtual drive using your RAM memory
  26. learn how useful manipulating your Config & Autoexec files is!
  27. the removable Second HD Idea
    is an excelent way of keeping your HD clean!
  28. Wipe all the traces left by programs you use every day like ACDSEE, SBnews, ets

    learn all about viruses and separate fact from fiction!

  29. viruses- how much of what you hear about them is hype? a LOT!

  30. Back Orfice info and coverage
  31. how to clean the silly Happy99 out of your system
  32. further proof viruses are overblwon threat!

  33. Quick study on what ActiveX is with links to follow

I welcome any corrections, ideas, hate mail, tips, notes, especially security tips on NON-Windoze OS such as Linux, Unix, ets. I DO NEED the people reading this FAQs to please send me mail and to tell me what you like, dislike, how I am doing, what you wanna me to add, change about this page so contact me at

great sites about security, privacy, ets

  • hellfire.demon.nl/guest/es-faq is Dr Who's FAQ of priceless info! old versions of the FAQs are available too!
  • SearchLores.org is a must read!
  • Richard Smith's place will share the latest dirt on Java secrets, GUID numbers,microscopic counters, the newest browsers' bugs, and more!
  • tsehp.cjb.net(formerly fravia) will teach you a thing or 2 or 3...
  • phase-one.com.au in case the above link is not working,
  • TheSandman archives
  • PC-Help is a very informative techkie site,
  • ASCII tables for decimal to X-dec conversions, ets,
  • WindowsAnnoyances.org and Win98Central are both for windoze tweakin' tips,
  • geocities.com/CapitolHill/1236/nomime.html shows you how to remove those HTML attachments from Mail Clients,
  • HackerNews.com - very informative news site from a "hacker's" point of view. Daily updates, too,
  • tons of encription info at International Cryptography Freedom site ,
  • PacketStorm.Securify.com is one of the most complete sites on security, has articles, software, ets. A HUGE site, it will take many many visits to see everything there.
  • Zero Knowledge is offering semi-anonimous surfing on the Net including NNTP, FTP, ets;
  • Interview and an explanation of how ZeroKnowledge System works,
  • get the latest news in the battle over encription at JYA-crypto.htm
  • SecurityTeam offersNews, Tools, spotlights security weaknesses of Unix, NT. Spend some time there
  • Almost overwelming Encryption and Security-related Resourcessite. Be prepaired for some serious reading!
  • visit www.FreeCrypto.org and get involved!
  • NO BIG BROTHER! german site on provacy and anoniousity-programs, proxies, ets
  • 0waynes
  • cotse.com Win, Unix commands, ets
  • See also Who Is Watching Who?for a very large list of more links
  • Interesting article on being naughty and hiding in cyberspace. It's meant to scare you if you have ever been "bad" on how "easily" you can be caught, and how your encription can be broken, ets.
  • want more links?