is The Freedom Zero Knowledge network worth using?

NOTE: FAQ under consruction!
for more info on Zero Knowledge read the Interview and an explanation of how they work.

First point I want to make is: There is NO true anonymousity on the Internet. Get this through your head and remember it. There will always be logs somewhere of your activity. So do watch your steps. Second, even Freedom ZKS network offers only "pseudo-anonimousity", not a true anonimiously. Thus understood, let's begin examaning Freedom ZKS network, what it is and how it works.

The Freedom ZKS network lets users estalish alternative identities or "nyms"(short for pseudonyms) and then re-routes all the Internet traffic associated with a given "nym" through its own Freedom network of servers ensuring that no personally identifing information leaks out. By that we mean the Freedom net servers act as a proxy thus hiding your true IP address, and do not let cookies, Java or JavaScript, or Active X, to pass through.
Freedom ZKS network is in fact setup so even ZKS doesn't know the identity behind any given nym. While it does store the personal info of users who pay for the service with a credit card, ZKS says the mathematical process of creating a nym is virtually untracable, and adds that it stores no information linking users to nyms.
The Freedom ZKS network software is relatevly easy to d/l and set up, althought it seems that doesn't work well behind some corporate firewalls. It is also so far only available for Win95 and 98(ha-ha) users; ZKS sais version of macintosh and Linux are in the works.
When running, Freedom ZKS network pops up a small window that shows which nym is active and what sort of internet traffic you are sending or receiving over the Freedom ZKS network. It directs all data through its own network, so Web sites never see your IP address only that of Freedom. This slows responce times sugnificantly, if you have ever used a proxy you will know what I am talking about. ZKS says a new version due out in the fall of 2000 will sugnificantly speed things up.
Since the Freedom ZKS network central headquaters are set up and operate in Canada instead of United States, it is relatevly protected from the US law enforcment agencies such as FBI or CIA for now. The Question remainds thought, since the FBI would obviously not be very happy that such a system exists, what are they doing about it? Will they make the Freedom ZKS network open itself to monitoring? There was a recent news item about the Freedom ZKS network users not being able to access the main official FBI page. With Carnovire in place (and probably operating already) the second question arises: Is Freedom ZKS network set up as to bipass Carnivoare? Last I heard, the FBI was talking with the people of Freedom ZKS network, but as usual, no news were posted on what has happened at the talks and what was decided.

SO, in conclusion, it is up to you to decide whether you would want to trust Freedom ZKS network well enough to use them. I just try to give you the facts as I know them.