Using DirSnoop

Yeah, you use Windows Washer, and Eraser and you feel confident enough that the files you erased were gone. Well, that's NOT 100% true and Dir Snoop can prove it to you. Did you also know files leave "ghost" images of themselves even after you move them from one drive to another?
Dir Snoop is a wonderful freeware that can be used to:
You can get it from and the site has screen captures too!

Dir Snoop is very easy to use. Its window is devided into 2 frames, the left is the Curent dir (for the complete dir tree) and right frame is the Global dir with a list of all the files and folder in the chosen drive or folder. It has ONLY 4 options on its tools bar- File, Current, Global and Help.


has the Purge option, which is to trully delete the remainds of ghost files (NOTE: The "ghost" files appear in red), the Unerase option will restore recently erased fies , the Wipe option will securely erase files, Print List and Select all are self eplanatory


Add files to global list Search and Add files to global list Refresh current dir View drives spec


remove files and clear list


of course has all the help files in case you need instructions