How to fight cookies with screen shots

In Internet Explorer 5 go to Tools , Internet Options, then choose the Security Folder.
From there, choose the Custom level option. Go down the list, find the Cookies bullet with the yellow(!) symbol. As you can see, the default Cookies settings is to Always accept Cookies
So you just on click on the Disable all cookies use option.
Or you may choose to simply put the settings on HIGH, but I strongly recommand you go through the Custom Level option instead.

Internet Explorer 4

select View+Internet Options and click the Advanced folder.There, scroll down and look for Cookies ! symbol. As you can see the default option is to
Accept all Cookies. They dont even ask you! So you choose the Disable all cookie use bulletoption.
then click on Apply.

Internet Explorer 3

all you can do is select the Warn before accepting cookies option.

Netscape 4

select Edit+Preferences, choose Advanced, and either select "Warn me before accepting a cookie"
. Or, better yet, if you'd like the browser to reject all cookies without asking you, select the Disable Cookies bullet too

In Netscape3, select Options+Network Preferences , click the Protocols tab section under Network Preferences , and in the Show an Alert Before box check Accepting a Cookie.

Of course this will take care of the future cookies you will get. What about the cookies already on your Hard Drive? There is several things you can do. You can either do it manually by going to:
1. For Netscape, look for the cookies folder in Netscape folder under USERS and manually delete the folder.
2. Cleaning Internet Explorer Browser's Cookies is a bit thougher. The IE's Cookie folder is in C:\Windows\Cookes\ . If you try deleting that folder, Windows will put it's foot down and will NOT let you.
NOTE* Here is a simple trick i learned which is another way to deal with cookies. From the START button on your task bar go to FIND, and look for "cookies.txt". Open the file in Notepad. Empty it. saved it as a blank file. Change properties to "READ ONLY" by . Set your Netscape to accept cookies. That's it! A low-budget Cookie Crusher. The cookie readers on homepages will see a blank file and assume you're always a witless newbie and try to write to an unwriteable file. Their cookies can't write to a "READ ONLY" file, so the process is endlessly repeated. If you cannot find the cookie file, use the search application inside your start key, search for Cookies.txt in your C drive. If that doesn't work, try "*.txt".
The best way to eliminate once for all all cookies is to create a directory cookies.txt inside Netscape's directory (where the file cookies.txt originally is). This directory will get a GREATER priority than the file, and all cookies will be therefore sent to dev null. Once you have created the new cookies.txt directory you may quietly reset "Options"/ "Network Pferences"/"protocols"/"show an alert before accepting a cookie" to NO, the sites you visit will "believe" that they planted cookies in your hardisk and you will know that no cookie whatsoever has been planted.
Or you can get either Windows Washer or Evidence Eliminator and let thewm clean the clloikes for you. An even better idea is to get @Guard and make it refuse all cookies too..

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