security FAQs

  1. Glossary of computer terms

  2. recommanded basic security, cleaning and modifying tips for Windows and

  3. Windoze tweakin' tips FAQ

  4. Clean and Set up Your Browsers'
    history and caches folders, stop Cookies, turn off the Java, Java Script and ActiveX
    and here is the same FAQ with easy to follow screen shots on setting proxies on your browers,
    turning cookies off and turning Java off

  5. Learn how Browsers betray you by sending out tons of info without your permition and what you can do about it

  6. Whats are those Index.dat files all over Windoze??

  7. Learn all about User.dat and System.dat files and how much info about your activity they both contain!

  8. read this WIRED news article on what GUID (Global Unique Identification Number) are and then
  9. learn where they can be found inside your Windoze!

  10. What's an IP number and how it can point directly at you!

  11. This guy is so clever. He shows a way of IP logging by using the holes in CGI scripts

  12. learn what a proxy is and how to use it to "surf" anonymously

  13. Proxy checkers, sites where to find proxies, ets

  14. Examples on how to set a proxy for several major browsers

    Virus section:
  15. viruses- how much of what you hear about them is hype? a LOT!

  16. Back Orfice info and coverage

  17. how to clean the silly Happy99 out of your system